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Oohale Song Lyrics – Jaanu (Telugu Movie)

Oohale Song from the Telugu movie Jaanu by Chinmayi Sripaada, Govind Vasantha is an exceptional music number with magnificent lyrics from Shree Mani.

Oohale lyrics Jaanu Chinmayi Sripaada
Song Name: Oohale (Telugu)
Album: Jaanu (2020)
Singer(s): Chinmayi Sripaada
Lyrics Writer(s): Shree Mani
Music Director(s): Govind Vasantha
Video Director(s): C. Prem Kumar
Actor(s): Sharwanand, Samantha Akkineni
Record Label: © 2020 Aditya Music


Piya Balama Mora,
Piya Mora Baalam,
Piya Ghar Aao, Ghar Aa,

Translation: O beloved, O sweetheart,
O my lover, come home. come home.

Piya Ghar Aao Ji, Balma Mora,
Balam Mora Piya,
Piya Haan Balam Mora, Mora,

Chinni Mounamulona,
Enni Ugisalo,
Kanta Neeru Leni, Roju Kaliseni,
Pranamulo Prana Sadey,

[Instrumental Break]

Oohale Oohale, Ninnu Viduvavule,
Gundeke Pranamai, Puse Puse,

Oohale Oohale,
Ninnu Marichina Vela,
Oopire Leni Vela.

Oohale Song featuring Sharwanand & Samantha is yet another promising Telugu song from their forthcoming movie Jaanu. Chinmayi Sripaada is the brilliant vocalist who lent her convincing vocals for the track. Govind Vasantha is the excellent music director who has directed Oohale lyrics music. Shree Mani has contributed the track stanza as a songwriter.

A lyrical music video having still images of Samantha & Sharwanand was released by Think Music India (YouTube) on 26 Jan 2020. Govind Vasantha has played the violin and Kiran showcased his talent by performing with his flute. The following track has a duration of 4:58 minutes.

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